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The Music Box - Gone, but never forgotten!
The Music Box, Houghton Lake, MI, 1946-2004

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9 thoughts on “Home

  1. My favorite times….wow! Such great memories going to HLHS, it was a great place to grow up with a small town atmosphere,.. warm summer days of skiing, fishing and of course working our summer jobs. Then the Music Box just added to those wonderful innocent days!
    We would wait in anticipation of the opening night, a chance to take an hour or so to get ready, if you weren’t coming from work. A chance to dance, laugh with your friends and meet some new people.
    I couldn’t wait to get off my job at the Beef House restaurant to go to the Music Box in my very old and rusty 57 Chevy with the back floor board wired on because Gary M had the nerve to step through it on the way home from school,,,, but the Music Box made you forget all that…was magic….
    What do I remember?
    -my brother sneaking me at about 13 so they didn’t have to take the time to take me home to the north shore
    – high school sweetheart break ups after a long winter and of course, it was the week before the Box opened
    -long lines to get in
    -Skirts measured so they weren’t too high,,,4 inches above the knee, I think was the limit.
    -meeting my HLHS friends
    -running to find John V when Lets do the Freddie came on
    -being teased when Louie Louie came on because Lewi was my nickname
    -looking for Bev when Boney Maronie was played
    -doing that wild Twist with Nancy
    -talking to Greg at the soda bar
    -walking through the crowd going the wrong way with my head down, just to be able to bump into and meet some cute guy
    -dancing wildly like a fish, monkey, go go dancer, and many more
    -having pizza at that pizza place in Prudenville
    -riding through A&W parking lot and down M-55 to see who was there
    -oh and just hoping you were dancing that last goodbye dance song with some cute guy that might be there the next week
    -racing home before mom suspected anything

  2. So glad you have this site… So many great memories were made here… And it was just great clean fun…

  3. So glad you have this site… So many great memories of this place.. and it was just good clean fun… No drinking and they had a dress code… your skirt or capris had to cover your knees!

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